Jaypee group believes that its strength lies in its man power, and they are our pride and asset, so their safety is our priority. Team Jaypee is committed to performing work in the safest possible manner. As Jaypee’s safety record is consistently better than the industry average.
The following safety measures are provided at our construction sites
  • Appointing an exclusive safety supervisor.
  • Compulsory use of safety helmets and safety belts.
  • Motivate workmen and subcontractors for ensuring safe working conditions.
  • Conducting meetings at regular intervals on site safety awareness.
  • Use of safety shoes, gloves and goggles at the site.
  • Barricading open cut out areas and excavated pits.
  • Proper laying of electrical wiring , cables and electrical installation.
  • Proper scaffolding system with adequate cross bracing.
  • Ladders used are made safe with hand rails.
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